Monday, November 1, 2010

it's the first of the month

happy november 1! while october 1 officially marks my favorite time of year, after the halloween festivities are over, i find myself even more excited than before they began.
it's true, tearing down the cobwebs + packing up the pumpkin lights makes me a bit sad, but i'm excited for what's to come in the following two months. the stream of holiday fun that is upon us is so...well...just plain fun.

i look forward to the following highlights that will help me close out this year:
law review winter event complete with dinner + dancing (any excuse to get dressed up with my husband is fine by me!)
harvard/yale game with nyc visitors (sister + rob!)
thanksgiving dinner with friends here in cambridge (food + wine with good friends can't be beat)
bachelorette party in nyc to usher out a dear friend's single life (congrats katie!)
champagne + cupcakes celebration to close out the semester for e (two of my favorite things unite)
sister's birthday in nyc (fried chicken dinner + karaoke anyone?)
my big 2-8 birthday in nc (hello mid-late twenties)

of course this sporadic chain of events is punctuated by homemade eggnog, ice skating, the season's first fire in our fireplace, decorating with lights and holiday shopping. really, what's not to love about now?
while my calendar is pretty open at the moment, i know the agenda will certainly fill up, guaranteeing that these last two months will fly by just as fast as the first 10.

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