Monday, October 26, 2009

the family stone

mostly a reference to the diamond that has been passed down over the years to lucky recipients, today, that's not the case. today, i think of the rock that played a giant role in holding our family, extended and immediate together so well - whether she knew it or not. always updating everyone who entered her door with news of 2nd cousins and great-grandchildren i may had not yet met. mrs. sally beale was certainly the stone that many in our family leaned on and she sure had the strength to hold us all up. crisp fall days like this one haven't been the same in four years. they conjure memories of childhood, final days and change. they remind me of the state-of-mind i used to have, and make me thankful for the outlook on life and actions in it i began taking. crisp fall days like this one make me thankful for all the family stones, my mom, dad, sister and e - my rocks - that i have.

"oh, all that i know there's nothing here to run from. cause here, everybody here has got somebody to lean on."

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bev said...

Beautiful tribute to a wonderful grandmother. She lives on in her children and grandchildren. She would be proud of you...and e.