Wednesday, February 11, 2009

north vs. south

today was the day that a distinct thing happened to me where i thought: "now THAT would never happen in the south." OK, maybe "never" is a strong word because while i believe in the goodness of people, some tend to prove me wrong from time to time, so we'll say "rarely."

i was walking out of the T and a man (we're talking 40s - 50s here) was about to walk into the same door. expecting for him to open it for me so that i may pass through (maybe that's my fault - expecting) he did not. he stood outside the door and waited for me to open it myself, then proceeded to duck through without so much as leaving a pinkie print anywhere on that thing.

so, it is today that i want to give a nod (yet again) to the land of southern gentleman who still open and hold doors for ladies.

in other news everyone's getting a taste of spring with temperatures in the 50s here. i have to say, it's quite nice and i'm having to look hard for the piles of snow and ice. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the gods will continue to bless us right on into may :)

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