Monday, April 28, 2008

april showers

the rain. finally. and i have to say, just to say it, that just because it's finally actually looking like it rained an hour, and even a day after it does, does not mean we should go wasting our water at the car wash, on multiple loads of laundry and 20 minute showers...

i thought this morning as i stepped out into the warm, wet weather, "april showers..." shortly after that, i thought "could it possibly get any greener?" then i smiled, knowing that it could.

my love for fall never lessens this time of year, but it sure does get challenged. and no matter how annoying the birds are when they begin their day at a ridiculous hour in the AM, i can't help but forgive them immediately. their songs are a great reminder to enjoy the day ahead.

i drive the same route to work everyday. it doesn't get boring to me, because it's beautiful. my favorite part is noting the change of seasons on this route. i've watched the leaves change color, fall off, cast a grey shadow upon the road as they are bare through the winter, bud and now fully bloom. it seems like this happens overnight. but i have mental pictures of these stages throughout the year and i've taken in the beauty at each phase.

i encourage you to do the same. en route to work, in your back yard or at the park. enjoy every day.

one week until may 6.

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